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Pablo’s Auto Repair & Towing is proud to be considered your number one resource for towing in Sacramento, the state capital of California. We are a locally owned and operated company in Sacramento, CA and are a very well-known and trusted business within the Sacramento community.  We have spent many years investing in our business and our customer relationships so that you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality services, workmanship, courtesy, professionalism and price.

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The phrase “car detailing” has come to mean a lot of different things to different people.  A good description would be that “car detailing” is a very extensive and thorough cleaning and polishing of a car – paying attention and cleaning all of the details. Of course, this description covers a wide range of possible services, which our customers can choose from, depending on the condition of their car and their financial budget. It usually includes cleaning the interior and exterior of the car as well.  The goal of such comprehensive cleaning is not just to make the car look great, but also to protect it for the future.

A full service detailing shop will offer a variety of detailing services, including:

  • Exterior paint care
  • Cleaning of undercarriage, chassis, and wheels
  • Polishing of headlights, taillights, and exterior trim
  • Cleaning, vacuuming, and shampooing interior of vehicle
  • Washing, polishing, waxing, and protecting vehicle exterior

The benefits of car detailing include:

  • Rejuvenating exterior paint and finish
  • Elimination of dirt, smells and contamination
  • Providing long-term protection
  • Maximizing the value of your vehicle

The technicians at Pablo’s Auto Repair & Towing are specially trained and equipped with the most advanced equipment, chemicals, and supplies to provide the highest quality auto detailing services at very reasonable prices. They will happily and professionally discuss with you the detailing services that make the most sense for your vehicle and your budget.

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